DC- THURSDAY Res! Invades In the Artist Studio: One NOT to Miss – Lil So So

2 Dec

Lil SoSo Productions CONFIRMS: RES
Thursday, December 3rd

Inside the Artist’s Studio
The final session of “In the Artist’s Studio” for 2009 returns with Res! Just confirmed, Res will perform an acoustic set and then sit down to chat with Rhome Anderson aka DJ Stylus about her music, the new album and much more. Space is limited and as always advance purchase is highly recommended. Tickets $10 Buy them at http://www.lilsoso.com/ Doors open @9PM. Show starts @9:30PM. Be There….
2021 14th Street, NW-WDC

If somehow, you’re not familiar with Res, (pronounced like Reese), then slap yourself and then go to her website. There is a file of her new music, Black Girl’s Rock, for download as well.

But since you’re probably more likely to check out her music right here, enjoy these videos.

Here is her ‘demo’ for You Know What, (N.E.R.D eventually recorded sans her vocals.
About Lil So So (rather, How I know Kat)
When I first arrived to DC several years ago, I quickly hopped on “the scene” hung out, met people, and got involved (Just the type of person I am) But I didn’t fully recognize what was going on as far as the indivdiuals that I was building with, and years later, it’s great to see what point they’ve arrived to.
Kat of Lil SoSo Productions was starting out when I got to DC, a few years later, as I stayed at my good-gobment job, Kat had “tipped out” as she would say, being the Modern Day Market woman that she is, and really put Lil So So out there for the rest of us to see and follow.

I remember Kat telling me once in a phone conversation how much she’d been blessed, and that although she left her ‘good job’, she’s been able to maintain her personal expenses, but more over, thrive. The biggest part of this is the lesson – to follow your dreams and passions. You can sit behind a desk all day long and wither away. But once you resolve to use your talents fully, doors of opportunity will open in ways you’ve never imagined.

I can’t wait to tell you my full story one day.
Peace, and see you tomorrow at the show!



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