DC’s Reality Playground: Stars Everywhere and the Real Housewives of DC Start Controversy EARLY

1 Dec
More Pop in the City of Politics: DC’s Reality Playground
The world’s most powerful city has been gaining new inhabitants at record numbers since President Obama did his part to bring Hollywood to Washington. I don’t hold the President Obama responsible in any way; Hollywood finally decided to get involved when the time and candidate were right.

Washington is no stranger to Hollywood. Countless movies have used Washington as the backdrop and residents are no stranger to closed streets – whether it be for the President or for JLo and Marc Anthony who were in DC in October.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: White House Bound

The Anthony’s just appeared at Latin Night at the White House. More on Fiesta Latina HERE

This post isn’t about the countless celebrities that find themselves in DC and maybe even on the Hill. Earlier this year Usher testified before the House Education and Labor Committee on Capitol Hill for Nothing But Nets – the UN Foundation’s Malaria campaign.


Usher meeting with Rep. George Miller
This post is more about the influx recently of the crazed reality TV fame seeking individuals that wear microphone packs on their backs and are usually accompanied by a production assistant carrying a clipboard. I am talking about reality show ‘stars.’

When things got real hot early on in her pre-divorce situation, Kate Gosslin escaped to her place in Rockville, MD. She was spotted shopping and eating around town.

Also heavily seen around town, including invading my Summer Sunday pool time, was the cast of The Real World. These 7 strangers, who I did not have a chance to meet, resided at a home 20th and S Streets NW, much to the dismay of neighbors and other DC community residents. There were eyes and cameras on these individuals from the time they arrived until the time they left in October. Local bloggers were really adamant about expressing their disdain for the Real World crew.

An article in the DCist says that people stopped paying attention. Well, yeah, maybe in Dupont, but I was eager to hear how RW cast was disrupting life in the District. How could people stop paying attention with them constantly hosting parties, going to bars, and generally disrupting my good times with cameras and Production Assistants with clipboards.

Bravo orders a full season of Real Housewives of DC

The real deal? Washingtonians who may be attached to the latest “Real Housewives” installment from Bravo include, above from left, Mary Amons, Tareq Salahi, Michaele Salahi, Ted Gibson, Catherine Ashley Ommanney and Jason Backe, along with Stacie Turner, far left, and Lynda Erkiletian. (Jaime Windon)

By now you know that Bravo, the channel single handledly responsible for bring us Tardy for the Party, over and over and over again,  ordered a full season of “Real Housewives of DC”
The show is gaining more and more momentum with the recent incident at the white house where “the Salahis had class and race on their side, and likely would not have had such an easy time passing through security if they didn’t.” – jcs (commenter form EDubb’s blog)

Thanks Salahis for opening up more issues of race and class. That, coupled with Tiger Woods, has been one hell of a week! What other black man could refuse the cops three times and get away with it. Sometimes, you gotta love America.

Okay, so, back to the real Housewives of DC, black ‘cast’ member, Stacie Turner, is a successful real estate agent.

Turner and her husband recently flew to Paris to see his musician brother perform — with the show’s camera crew on their trail.” (Source: Politico)

Turner, an African American mom of two, would add a dose of diversity: Though Bravo has not finalized the cast, the other local women whom producers have focused on recently are all white. She could also add a needed bit of political intrigue: Husband Jason Turner recently left his job with the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation amid the upheaval surrounding interim director Ximena Hartsock. The family lives in a 16th Street Heights mansion that was a church before they renovated it. (I snatched this and then my computer crashed – don’t know from where – lol, I’m so simple)

Turner, a native Washingtonian and successful Sotheby’s real estate agent, seems to fit the bill. According to her own Web site, Turner graduated from Howard University in 1990 and received an MBA from Harvard in 1996. In addition to being a mayoral appointee and commissioner on the National Capital Planning Commission, she’s part of the board of directors for Southeastern University and a member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. Tuner also works with Jack & Jill of America, an African-American organization that trains children to be leaders. Turner lives in Northwest DC with her husband, two children, and a chocolate lab, and “enjoys travel, water sports, and family.” (Source: Washingtonian magazine online)

This post has been dormant too long, so I’m cutting it short and releasing it with the promise that I will be on Stacie Turner watch during the Real Housewives of DC debacle. Blogs and media outlets will not do this sister the justice that our community will. I want her fabulosity flaunted from the Big Chair to the Ivory Coast.

I’ve got my googlealerts set up and everything.
I’m not playing,

Photo Credits: Huffington Post, Washington Life online mag, Stacie Turner’s Sotheby’s page.


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