Sade Album Artwork and February 8 2010 Date Set for Release of Soldier of Love

24 Nov
Sade Returns with New Music February 2010
Image Artwork for Sade’s
February 8, 2010 Worldwide Release of
Soldier of Love
I get it, you don’t really know me, but you’re trying to get to know me, that’s why you visit. What I need to make clear to you is that I have two musical obsessions. Jay Z is one and Sade is the other.
I jokingly call Helen Folesade Adu my Mother, long story. But no other artist in history has been able to articulate many of my emotions like Sade and her band of merry men – Stuart Matthewman, Andrew Hale and Paul Spencer Denman. Buzz for this album has been a long time coming. Earlier this year, a fake “official Sade website” annoumced a November album release, however, Sony records, home of the band, Sade, since their debut with Diamond Life, twenty five years ago, did not have official details.
Also earlier this year, label mate, Maxwell shared the following after hearing a few tracks himself, “Trust me, it’s so monolithic it’ll shake you in your shoes!”
I’m so excited for this album. Life’s been rough for ya girl the last few months, only Sade will be able to express that, lift me up, dust me off, and send me out into the world again.

Sade and her longtime bandmates including Stuart Matthewman, a.k.a. Cottonbelly, regrouped in a U.K. recording studio in June and were recording and mixing into October.

Sade’s 2000 release, “Lovers Rock,” sold 3,881,000 copies in the U.S. and the prior album, 1992’s “Love Deluxe,” sold 3,407,000. Since 1985’s “Diamond Life” debut, Sade has sold nearly 17 million units in the U.S. alone according to Nielsen SoundScan.

(Source: Billboard )


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