Defining the "Soulcialite" A Part of the Soulcialite Series

24 Nov

Over the last few months, I’ve been inundated with questions and discussions on the life and dealings of a socialite. Well, I feel like that topics been covered, extensively. But I have adopted a Soulcialite moniker, and I want to attempt to define it.

Let me say that from my knowledge, Raneka Young is the originator of the term Soulcialite. She goes by that title on twitter @Soulcialite. She’s my girl, and I hope I represent the moniker well.

I declare that no definition can hold me. I’ll be who I want to be on any given day. You may call it bipolar or schizophrenia , but I call it changing my mind.

On a side note – as a high school Senior, I wrote my Senior thesis paper comparing Malcolm X to Ralph Waldo Emerson. Both men took dramatic stands in philosophy at at one point in their lives, and then drastically abandoned said philosophies for radically different ones.Peep that.


A soulcialite is a melanin infused sister with a superior educational background living in a metropolitan area and associating with like minded, similarly educated, yet diverse individuals.
She may work in any field, but she definitely does work. A soulcialite does not necessarily have the luxury of family wealth, instead, her wealth comes in the form of her rich soul. 
She recognizes the privileges that her background and education afford her and therefore, commits herself to service in her community, often through mentoring, tutoring, and other charitable or philanthropic ventures.

She is a member of several networks, formal and informal, and committed to improving the African American community.

The following characteristics may bring up issues of elitism and classism within the soulcialite community.

She may or may not be a member of a black Greek letter organization (BGLO).
She was presented to society in a debutante ball.

Questions for Discussion
Must a Soulcialite conform to these standards?
What part does family wealth and pedigree (ie debutante balls) play in her Soulcialite status?

PS, I don’t wanna get anybodies VS’s in a bunch. Come on now, this is just for fun. Call yourself what you wanna call yourself. Remember: “It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.”



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