Beyonce and Lady Gaga Present …Videophone

17 Nov

The video is MAD extra! I mean, it needs to come with a warning. There are a few flashing lights. And a whole lot of popping. Bey decided to use play guns instead of portraying real ones. The intro is hot, and the video’s okay. Nothing breathtaking like Raheem DeVaughn’s recent video.

Such a good look for Gaga tho. I’m not completely on her steez like the rest of the world, but I give her props for dancing alongside Beyonce. Her voice seems to be above average of those currently in the industry, and she’s beyond creative, so it works. I do have MAD respect for anyone whose style is completely off the radar, and off the rocker ala N.E.R.D.

Overall, I’m about sick of seeing Bey completely sell herself like this. She should save this gyration for time alone with her hubby. (Again, I have stated, that if I were married to S.Carter, you would NEVER those moves in public)

One day this overt sexuality will have to end.

She won’t be a spring chicken forever. The outfits were cool, especially the pin up girl. Maybe not with the gun. I’m just saying. The black and white outfit wasn’t cute at all, why wear something that looks like a pamper. Not the look I’d be going for.

But can this sexuality last? What is it doing to our young girls? If this is all they see, are we surprised that the black community has unconscionable numbers of teen pregnancy and even adults making decisions to have babies outside of marriage.

With every image, we must be mindful of the role it plays in society and yes, Beyonce is a role model that should have that on her mind with everything that she does.


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