MusicMonday: Bang Bang Bang – Are you Bulletproof ? Raheem DeVaughn & Ludacris

16 Nov

I’m embarrassed that I’ve slept this long on two of my favorite artists. I’ve covered Raheem’s collabos before, but this song is just incredibly personal and just sooooo poignant right now. Raheem has always been a master of that. No current R&B artist matches the heart moving soul that he delivers through his poetry and song.

Raheem is an incredible writer, each word, phrase, and line capturing the spirit of his concern and angst for our world’s peril.
From Bulletproof

Living like we bulletproof

We bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

I say we load it, cock it, aim and shoot

Oh we load it, cock it, aim and shoot

Some will die over oil kill over land

Charge you for taxes and Blame Uncle Sam

Read you your rights and charge you for nothing

Now who’s really gangsta

And tell me who’s frontin’

Murder your sons, ravage your daughters

Here overseas and across the waters

Tanks and missiles, bombs and grenades

Inject the land with guns and aids

The video to this song is a visual masterpiece. It takes a page out of the book of videos of old that used to wake us up and pay attention. Like REM, Billy Joel, Missy Elliott, Hype Williams, and of course, Michael Jackson. Videos like Remember the Time and We Didn’t Start the Fire!

Ludacris is known for a few incredibly innovative videos himself. Perhaps Raheem and Luda collaborated on this videos’ design. It reminds me of those HP commercials that have been so popular, with Raheem’s (physical) movement and all. The video really tells a story. You could sit with the on video on mute and really see the power of it all.

I’ll let the video speak for itself. And remember the words of Charles Hamilton Houston, “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” Get schooled on Charles Hamilton Houston here !


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