PICTURE RECAP: Jay Z & Roc Nation Invade Baltimore

28 Oct
I’m a HUGE Jay Z fan.

Baltimore Sun

That’s an understatement. I hope the Lord forgives me for saying that I am a disciple of Shawn Corey Carter born December 4, 1968.

It would take hours for me to describe what hold the Greatest Rapper Alive has over me. But in my head, we’re really peoples, well…. more than that if I had my choice. But we both have committments, and I digress.
Anyway, it’s odd to think that a boy from Brooklyn could have anything to share with a girl from the South and that she (I) would understand, embrace, and carry in my heart the lessons he imparts on the hustle. A ghetto griot.

Baltimore Sun
 It’s my hustle spirit- coming up with nothing and making something of our lives. I say this – given a choice between the silver spoon and the wooden one, I chose the wooden spoon.

So the Hova show was not really on the radar for me personally these past few weeks. Silly me. I had even been trying to help my girlfriend sell her tickets. She was trying to make a come up on the sale, so I couldn’t take advantage of those.

So you can imagine how excited I was when my BBM (Blackberry Messenger) went off with a message about tickets for the Jay Z show in Baltimore. It was Tuesday night at 6:30pm, it was raining, I was still at work. I was supposed to go see the Drag Queen Race, a DC tradition and kick it at Jin with the DC Twitfam.
I decided to pounce on the tickets! Shawty selling them was just trying to get rid of them, she couldn’t go. So, I decided to get another fill of my Jay Z.
I’ll write about the concert later, and even post vids, but here are some pics. Shout out to @Pizatt, my partner in crime in spitting rhymes last night!

Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun

My Personal Pics after the Jump

(Happy Early Birthday Dude)


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