RdotReviews: Daniel Merriweather’s Love and War

19 Oct

RdotReviews: Daniel Merriweather’s Love and War

Album/Mixtape – Love and War
Artist – Daniel Merriweather
Rating – $$$$

Daniel is an artist on famed DJ Mark Ronson’s Allido Records. This may help you remember him because back in 2007, his distinctive voice was heard on Mark Ronson’s ‘Stop Me’ single off the “Version” LP. While the song was a cover of The Smith’s track, it definitely sparked my interest and actually prompted me to check for all things Mark Ronson and all things Daniel Merriweather. Well, fast forward to 2009, and Daniel has released his album “Love and War” in the UK. Why? Well, because Daniel is from Australia…and I’m sure the folks at the Allido label figured he’d have more fans overseas than over here in the States…and by my discussions with several of my music-head friends, they were right. Folks over here have no idea who Daniel is and that is damn shame because this white boy has some flavor on the mic. If you’re a fan of Wale and Rhymefest, you’ve surely heard Daniel on some of their mixtapes as he constantly holds down his label-mates here and there with a needed chorus on selected songs.

Now, Daniel doesn’t have the strongest voice or even the most soulful, but he does have a knack of belting out some of the coolest melodies and notes throughout the album in some unexpected places in a very distinct and unique voice…and for this, I’m appreciative. The lead single from Daniel’s album, ‘Change’, features Wale, and lays down an upbeat rhythm but with a very poignant message about today’s society overseas and on our home soil. However, most of the tracks on “Love and War” remind me of a 60’s type of soul by covering relationships and heartbreak and we all know how well those subjects can translate into great music, right?

Top 4 songs to check for:
Chainsaw (An organ, a great analogy, an ode to a shitty relationship, and cool vocals make for a damn good song to hum when your mate is getting on your nerves)
Red (A haunting ballad that tells of a good situation turned horribly wrong)

Water & A Flame (A slick duet featuring the home girl Adele detailing how their love isn’t meant to be & makes you long for the couple to talk things out)
Getting Out (I just like the hell out of this song and its chorus)

I’m vouching for this album wholeheartedly. Do I do that often? Nope. Plus, there’s only so much hip-hop and R&B that you can listen to before you long to hear something slightly different. This album does that for me. It’s not too far left for some of you, but it is left “enough” where you will hear some traces of hip-hop and R&B throughout so you don’t feel like you’re abandoning your first loves too much. The album is surprisingly catchy and quite good. Give it a try…go on. Get Involved, even if you’re not quite sure.

– Rdot

OG BONUS: Daniel Merriweather “Change” (feat. Wale)

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