Spotted: The Soulcialite at the Reserve Soft Opening

15 Oct
The Reserve Soft Opening  # 320847

Washington, DC and the city’s inhabitants are apparently not participating in this nationwide recession. This is evidenced by the fact that there have been countless restaurant, lounge, and bar openings since the summer and into the fall. The newest location to be introduced to DC Socialites is the Reserve.  

(Picture courtesy of the Thrillist)

I was privy to a ‘soft opening’ of the event last week. Promoters’ RaRa and Scotty along with Dan The Man Spence and Anwaa Kong were the names that drew me out that evening. And a late night it was. I’ve been partying with RaRa, the party starter, since I got to DC oh so many years ago.  > Good to see Everett as well!

The location is quaint and mature. The space is “cozy” as one reviewer described it. That’s a nice way to say it’s small. VIP tables and leather couches line the left wall as you enter the club. A large bar table greets you just past the large doors, along with oddly placed but apparently necessary support beams. An exposed kitchen sits opposite the main wine bar, pictured above.

What I did appreciate about the entrance of the club/winebar/lounge in the cool crisp fall air. It was like a piece of Miami in Washington, IN OCTOBER.

From the pic, you can see that I dressed for the occasion, which is different from what I did for Terry Fraser’s bday the week before. Whew, my people always kid me about being cold. Hey, I’m from the South, where my peoples came in off the boat and we never left. But I digress.

I arrived later in the evening. The jazz band that played hours before came highly regarded. I’ll have to make sure I get there before 10. The band, whose name I’ll have to discover for you, plays from 5 to 10pm. This sets the mood for the evening. I’m looking forward to doing some networking to this band in the chic new location.

I met my peoples at the club. That pic up there is me and @chelleb7.

Before ChelleB got there, I milled over the winelist, which the location is originally known for. A friendly fellow female patron made a suggestion about one of the wine flights. Don’t know what a wine flight is ? Find out here. I’m into the sweet. That’s just me. So the sweeter wines were my selection. A copy of the Reserve’s Wine list is online.

I choose one glass off of the Sweetest Sin flight per the suggestion of the wine connoisseur. It was a flop. I didn’t like it. Simple me. So I asked for something sweeter. The bartender obliged. ChelleB and I headed upstairs to see what was poppin. We had sat downstairs for a minute to get the vibe, but my feet were itching to move upstairs because by this time the DJ’s music was playing throughout the whole spot.

Again, these odd beams sit in the middle of the club. And what this picture doesn’t show you how little of a space there is to actually slide past between these couches to step into the spot. The DJ’s booth is a small little podium.  Kinda shameful for how this DJ was putting it down; but they expect that. Remind me to write another post about more respect for DJs! Mean hip hop sounds coming from the white boy- DJ SoundTraxx
So, later on, the rest of my crew showed up and we had a good time. I didn’t enjoy a second drink at the upstairs bar, so I can’t tell you how the service was. It was packed, so I figure they need some more help back there.
The location (do I call it a club? lounge? wine bar? – yet to be determined) has plans to open the top floor, an upstairs area. The spiral staircase that flank each side of the second floor seem a little bit daunting. I can’t imagine ascending those stairs with a dress on. My best friend had a spiral staircase in her house and it can be a DISASTER. I hope they have their insurance on point. I’m just saying!
Warning: It gets hot upstairs. But before it got too hot for me to stay, I took these pictures with my crew which includes @QueenieDC @OnlyNateDizzle @Chelleb7 & @DJBlazeDC
Original Najeema with @QueenieDC @OnlyNateDizzle

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