R Kelly Releases Yet another Remix!

1 Oct

Okay, think what you like. 
I love an R Kelly song. No matter the problems, immense problems in his personal life, this man can make a song! Ewweee!  Sure, I’m not fan of either Keyshia Cole or T-Pain, in fact, why am I writing this post now anyway? Because, I love R Kelly music. From 12 Play to Dream Girl, I’d be standing outside of the Chocolate Factory any rainy night in Chicago. Over 18 of course, lol.
I’ve had first kisses and made passionate love to R Kelly songs. Not ashamed of that at all. Sure, I gave myself the side eye when I realized what the Pied Piper was all about. Did I believe he was married to Aaliyah? I was too young to have an opinion.
I know I went to that concert when I was in HS (older than 16) dressed to the nines. Good thing he didn’t see me. My best friend reminded me that R Kelly came out in a bathtub at that show. We should have all known what was up from that.
Sexually Explicit Lyrics Gone Way Too Far
We’ve all danced to R Kelly songs, “bumped and grinded” felt each other up, popped cherries and a whole lot more. But at least in the early 90s there was something alright with it. Forgive me for saying.
Now, it’s gone too far. Kelz, being that genius that he is, opened the door for much more suggestive and sexual lyrics. The last disgusting song that comes to mind is “Becky.” White men everywhere should feel disrespected; their precious jewels are the subject of misogynistic rap songs….oh well! Welcome to the club “Becky.”
The Twitter Experiment
Kelz, from his verified Twitter account, said he would send a personal message to the fan that tweeted the link to the Youtube, stream the most tonight. At the time I opened the video, there were only 224 views. I’m not worried, neither should he be. Those numbers will fly thru the roof. Who should be worried is the lucky fan that receives a personal message from R Kelly. Will it be a video; they should just be glad that it’s not going to be a visit. Show your idea at the door ladies.
Just five minutes off my brain.

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