JayZ travels back to Mad Maxx to "Run this Town"

21 Aug
Somewhere between MadMaxx, Colors, and Breakin’ Jay Z and company pull together a dark and complex video, out of the ordinary of your typical rap visual accompaniment. For once, there’s no cadre of naked chics, only one, Rihanna, who looks quite fashionable in her seemingly endless costume changes, including Black Panther inspired gear. I thought the lace eye covering was retro and yet, right on time. Her hair and eyewear are hot as well. I’ll be looking for a pair of quilt glasses for the fall.

Kayne is right up there with his energy. I’m surprised in all his vanity, he covererd his face. I mean, this is Ye w’ere talking about. And isn’t it funny that pictures of his girls “azz swallowing up a g-string” came out right before the video release.
Anthony Mandler directs this video for Jay’s Roc Nation label.

Very biased, but Jigga looks good, as only he would. While it’s not my favorite video, or song for that matter. I’m happy to see Hova come out with something cool for the summer. D.O.A will remain my favorite track from him this summer.


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