How do you choose to remember Michael Jackson ?

7 Jul

My Tweets Today, the day MJ is layed to rest.

July 7, 2009

This is a real sad day for me.

THIS IS 40 years of Music people. Not the BS they put out today. Real music!

I wish peace to the Jackson family as the world lays to rest our friend, & 1 of the world’s greatest entertainers, RIP #MichaelJackson #fb

My Tweets from Love Song Sunday

Join me on > I”m a DJ (OriginalNajeema) doing tributes to MJ tonight on #lovesongsunday #MichaelJackson Share your fave MJ love song

I’ll always hear his voice & see his moves. I’ll always remember #MichaelJackson “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”… ♫

So much soul. So much love for the music. Watch the performer in this video – “I Wanna Be Where You Are” #loves… ♫

Paying tribute to MJ for #lovesongsunday “I took me by surprise & now ….” ♫

From my brother in music @EricDonDivaMag, his request: “The song takes me to a place in my mind” #lovesongsunda… ♫

The best type of beggin and pleading “I Want You Back” RIP #MichaelJackson for #lovesongsunday

Now to pick it up a spell. Who says #lovesongsunday can’t be fast enough to dance to. Let the rhythm get into y… ♫

Finally, ending #lovesongsunday tribute to #MichaelJackson , I leave you with the video for “Remember the Time”… ♫
Please, leave your own comments on how you will remember the great, Michael Jackson.

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