Introducing My Friend in Music…Rdot

25 Jun

I’m Rich and you don’t know me…but that’s cool cause you don’t wanna know me and I don’t wanna know you. But I bet you wanna know how I feel about these latest albums that seem to keep coming across my desk every damn day…trust me! Why? Because I probably get them earlier than you do. I’m not special, but over the years folks have realized how honest I am and how much I enjoy good/great music, so they slide me advanced copies of stuff. Oh well…I don’t mind. Now, maybe you can tell from my writing style that I’m not a blogger. But there’s a reason for that…

The Big Sis Najeema recently told me to write up a few reviews because she knows that I share her passion for ecclectic and quality music. (Now Najeema hates it when I call her my ‘Big Sis’ cause she’s younger than me (wink, wink), but it’s a term of endearment from me to her…plus I’m taller than her by like a foot…so it’s kinda funny to me…sorry…#tangent). Anyway, after I complained, bitched, and moaned, she threatened me with not answering any of my DM’s on Twitter or commenting on any of my FB statuses (should that word really be “statusi” if I pluaralize it? Another #tangent..sorry)…and I cannot have that, so here I am turning in my first blog-type-music-review.

Before I get started, here are some ground rules as me and you get closer to each other (get your hand off my thigh…u just met me!):
I’m sarcastic. It’s a curse and a gift. I’m sorry. Nope, I’m not.
I curse a lot. Maybe Najeema will edit them out, maybe she won’t. Either f—ing way, I’m typing it.
I don’t blog…so don’t expect any deep ass reviews. I’m a regular guy…so these reviews are gonna be short and sweet consisting of:
If I like it
Why I like it
What I like about it
Songs 2 check for

I hope you don’t agree with any of my reviews and have the balls to communicate to both Najeema and me why you feel that way (yeah, girls can have balls to although I shudder to think that you could possibly take that too literally). If you don’t, u suck…and I win. And guess what, I’m a winnerso make sure you’re ready to back up whatever u bring to the table. Plus, communication is the best part of dealing with music. Through it we may be able to put each other on to other new/old artists…and I’m always down for that.
Here is my Rating Scale…based on corresponding Jay-Z albums. Why Jay-Z? Well, if you have to ask that question, I’m sure your Soulja Boy cd is waiting for you next to your crack pipe.
You’ll notice that I used dollar signs ($) instead of stars. Why? Because it’s easier to tweet/type. Nothing more, nothing less. Remember, I’m a simple guy.
$$$$$ (highest rating) – Reasonable Doubt & Blueprint
$$$$Vol. 2 & Black Album
$$$American Gangster & Vol. 3
$$The Dynasty & Vol. 1
$ (lowest rating) – Kingdom Come & Blueprint 2

Ok…so that’s my intro. I don’t know how often Najeema is expecting me to write a review…but she’ll figure that out since it’s her f–ing blog…and I’m not getting paid for this.

Fabulous free content + My cheery disposition = Win for Hell In a Handbag!
Check back in tomorrow or something and you can read my first review on Wale’s and 9th Wonder’s “Back to the Feature”, fellow countrymen.

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