Jay-Z performing Death Of AutoTune (D.O.A.) Live

9 Jun

Hov brings us something for summer. We’ve all been waiting and scratching our arms for this. (7 Straight summers – remember) Shout out to Hov and His WIFE!

I’ve had a few debates with folks over this track and Hov’s attempt to bring death to autotune (which is DEAD by the way – pay attention Ron Browz- like the term swagg and all iterations of that term). Someone told me that Hov couldn’t take it down himself – HE CAN – and that this was a way to ‘create buzz’ for himself – HOV DONT NEED THAT.

So, in addition to the track, I’ll happily share the video and I can’t wait until I have the chance to see him do it live.

Shout out to @LeighDav (www.leighdav.com/) for pointing out the vid!
Seven straight summers, critics might not admit it
But nobody in rap did it, quite like I did it
If you did it I done it before, you get I had it
Got mad at it and don’t want it no more

Hovi Baby (The Blueprint 2: The Gift and the Curse)


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