A New Place to Go

5 Jun

Kindred Comes to U Street

by Najeema

Mural by Esther Hildalgo

So. Being a “soulcialite” is cool and all. But sometimes you just wanna chill. I’m still looking for places like that in DC. The news story now is about crime in Adams Morgan. U Street keeps flippin like pancakes. And there are places where people don’t always get along everywhere.

In reading fellow Blogger @theglasshousedc’s blog [click here] I came across the opening of a NEW place, Kindred.

“Kindred Bar & Lounge (the old State of The Union) that isn’t owned by the singing husband and wife duo but by a pretty popular, ambitious woman, Nikisha Carpenter, is scheduled to open this summer – that is if you, me, us, we, the community, partygoers, lushes, alkies, hipsters, hood folks, sneaker kids, the posh, artists, writers, 9 to 5ers, DC natives, DC dwellers, old, young, black, white, purple people eaters, etc support the opening.”

the concept of Kindred was going on in Nikisha’s world …..

“I don’t want but I need y’all to support the opening of Kindred Bar & Lounge because as far as I know there isn’t a place like it in DC. If you prefer the fine lines that separate DC’s social scene, still make a donation because you’ll end up there at least once. Fundraising ends July 31 so let’s get this joint up and running. Go HERE to make this thing real y’all!”

So, the thing about this place, and about Nikisha, is that she’s interested in really opening a place that’s inclusive, cool, not to swanky, but most of all, not out to hit your pockets. The Kindred website reads “My mission is to provide everyone with a great space with great prices. I’m not trying to get rich quick or open up a chain of Kindreds across the country. I am trying to pool our resources to save us money…”

In order to create this middle of the road establishment, Nikisha is conducting an “unprecedented” online campaign of friends and fam for the $ to open. “I am going try to raise money through the community and via online donations to cover the cost of opening KINDRED — a for profit business.” I’m wanna see this succeed, so let’s try this, go to the webpage, and donate there.


Nikisha has organized events in the DC area for six years. She is also involved in leadership positions in various community organizations. Nikisha began hosting house parties in 2002. These parties soon upsized to local bars and clubs, some drawing more than a thousand attendees. Professionally, Nikisha has worked in Construction Management in the DC area for nine years. She obtained her B.S. in Construction from Bradley University and has experience on projects such as Pentagon Row, Columbia Residences, and the Ritz Carlton, DC.


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