DC Represents with Wale’s Chillin’ feat. Lady GaGa

3 Jun

From Bens to Madness to tru ass potholes in the streets, this is a very HOT vid. It will certainly take him far, not that he needs much help. The talk is, why doesn’t DC support Wale and give him all the love he gets elsewhere?Personally, I’m all about it and him. I remember I shot home one weekend when he was giving out Chillin t-shirts. Sis was salty.

Being a transplant, I didn’t have the privilege of having experienced Madness and DDTP first hand. Trust, when I was in school, people thought I was from DC, and here I am. For the record, I have never been in a Bodega in DC. For the record.
Shout out to CoolandDre and Lady Gaga. As far as Lady Gaga, did you actually see her in any DC scenes, not really. Don’t be fooled. It’s all good. The part where he holds her in his hands like a hologram is #dopeness.

Why did we have to get the ubiquitous fly Mercedes shot. And what club is this in the vid? I’ve been in a lot, but I can’t say I know this spot.
That NWA homage was hot. The DMV does have a Dream…and they go by many many names: Wale, Raheem DeVaugh, W Ellington Felton, Deborah Bond, Wayna the list goes on and on.

The blockhustla / OG signing out.
PG Chillin.


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