Crazed Fans

4 May

Yo, I check for LoveBScott. When I found out it was a dude, it was a whole new ball game. Shim is hot! I mean, for a shim.

And in the tradition of blogs and bloggers that I admire (i.e. NicoleBitchie) I am posting this HILARIOUS video of a crazed BScott fan who found out he was in the blogger’s favorites list.

Now, one day, I wish to be added to BScott’s and NIcoleBitchie’s blogrolls, but I don’t know if I’ll post a vid.

One final word “Spoons for Everybody”
Enjoy this y’all. Make sure you put on your headphones ’cause you’re not ready for this. Take a break and walk off your cramps from laughing.

Thanks crazed fan.


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