Spring Cleaning for the Mind

23 Apr

by Najeema D.W. Thompson

I visited my hometown of Charleston, SC in March to attend the Women’s Resource Center luncheon in celebration of Women’s History Month. Political Strategist Donna Brazile was the featured speaker.

That title, by the way, does Ms. Brazile no justice. Her vasty experience makes her opinion highly sought. She shared her stories and a highly inspirational message. Some highlights are featured below:

Words from Donna Brazile

For Women’s History Month, we celebrate

  • Those who fought to just get in the room, unafraid of the barriers because they knew the possibilities.
  • Women of courage who took on the status quo.
  • It’s time for more of us to stand up.

  • Follow women of valor who didn’t ask permission.
  • Discover your own lives and make a path for others.
  • Our struggle is not OVER.
  • EXCESSIVE BAGGAGE is weighing us down. Especially that which is in our minds.
  • Reflect on your journey!
  • The Spirit of God gives us life!
  • Become someone who will DARE

  • Give GOD something to work with.
  • This is our moment, this is our time; Let us rise together!
  • It’s not about where you sit in life, it’s where you stand.
  • Change your attitude, lighten your baggage, and SOAR!

And my personal favorite…. “Stir it up when you have to.”
Sounds like something a Hell in a Handbag would say!

At the end of the event, I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Alycee Wilson,
Miss Charleston County 2009

Join her Facebook Group: Danielle Alyce Wilson’s Journey to Miss America 2010


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