My fave beauty products (simple list)

20 Mar
I originally wrote this list to win a primo pack of beauty products from a fellow Tweeter. @kbairdmurray > The assignment was to write about your top 3 beauty products. I’m gonna give you a few bonus products.

Growing up I was teased about my name. Kids called me Neutrogena every chance they got. Ironically, as an adult, I pretty much exclusively use Neutrogena products. Solid performance and affordable. Leading off my list is the Neutrogena Eye make-up remover. I tend to lay it on thick, so I really need something to protect my precious eyes when I get home from a hard night.

My second notable product is the Biosilk Hair Serum. Except no substitutes people. This soft, silky product is never heavy or overbearing on my hair. With a scent that reminds me that it’s working, and the added bonus that I can use it on my skin as well.
(BONUS BONUS: Speaking of skin/body…make sure you get with the Johnson&Johnson skin gel body oils. I use mine after showers and it makes my skin feel soft and supple for the entire day. A little birdie told me that these gels are great for intimate encounters as well *hint, hint*)

Third (funny I don’t want this list to end), I MUST keep my lips moisturized. It’s critical. I discovered Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E and I have not looked back since. I smack my lips together just to feel the softness. Vain, I know. But of the top beauty products, this one is the simplest and easiest and does the most to enhance my natural beauty.

And isn’t that what it’s all about? Being as pure and natural as you possibly can. (No, this does not mean I’m getting rid of my perm) I was in LA once and kicked it with some real natural types. The kind that only eat raw food. This chick’s face was flawless, with no makeup – living, breathing pores. When you have a diet like that you don’t need artificial chemicals on your face, it’s just good living that keeps your skin and body healthy.  

Briefly, I’ll describe the last two products. One ~Kiehl’s PCA No Sodium moisturizer. I sprang for this product when I was a poor college student. Now it is a must have.  I’m not exactly an educated consumer, I tend to buy imperfect products that get it done, right then, but not always all the time. I’m an impulse shopper, and I may spend a few bucks on foundation that may only last me a day. One day I hope to shake this habit. But this product is right on the money, every time. From normal to oily skin types, this product is light and refreshing, goes on smooth and never leaves you feeling over done or sticky. (
Lastly, the biggest lifesaver, in my opinion. Friends that ask my opinion will always get this product as a suggestion. Thanks to my LS Special K that put me on to this when we were just acquaintances…Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Like everything on this list, I would not be complete, nor would my face look as smashing without this product. It’s meant to prime your skin (after a good wash & moisturize) for your makeup. It’s oil free, yippie! And contributes to “Complexion Perfection” You can’t go wrong with  theSephora best Primer Award & one of Marie Claire’s 25 Products that will change your life. ” ( 

Nothing incredible fancy, no French names, no crazy ingredients. Just plain simple and effective beauty. 
Have a product that you can’t live without. Please, share! 

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