Over 1000 Facebook Friends….Internet Celebrity Status update

17 Feb

At some point after my last entry, I surpassed the 1000 friend mark on Facebook. Now, this is great for many reasons, but there is still a lot of work to do.

To assist in my pursuit, I have changed the name of the blog to the Twitter account, oh yeah, I’m on Twitter now. So, instead of the Sterlingflow name…which I love, I’ve decided to go by OriginalNajeema.

An article about Julia Allison suggested that I go by a name that my people (the few ppl that I have) could find and follow me. So, despite not really wanting to be known by my first name, I’m completely embracing it. Plus, there are 9 other Najeemas on Facebook and probably a whole lot more in the world.

So, a name like OriginalNajeema may be ironic, but another Najeema somehow beat me to all the blog and sign in names…kinda sucks, but what can you do. {Dark Angel fans might see the homage to Original Cindy.}

The mid February summary is that I’m working on it, and continuing to do so. It’s a goal that requires a plan. Good thing is, I have the tools…more details to come.


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