Letting it Go.

5 Jan

When I was home for Christmas, I realized that I was starting to turn into my mother. Now, I don’t LOVE clothes like she does, but her love has passed on a great deal of items. Most of these items I wear. I have the best selection of professional wear that any woman can ask for. (That’s why I’m waiting for my appointment from the new administration.)  But many of the quirkier items often sit in the bottom of a box or in the back of the closet.

I have however found a new solution to the problem of too many clothes and not enough space. Swap parties are a semi new phenom sweeping the US and the UK. I wanted to hold a swap party for my upcoming bday, but decided on a purse party instead. But to get rid of clothes, shoes and other accessories, I am now relying on a site called Swapstyle.
It’s simply, register and upload pics of items that you are willing to trade or sell. Other members will contact you about items they are interested in and negotiations begin. Very simple interface, think early Myspace. Forums and chat options exist, and very simple swapping options. Make friends like Myspace.

My favorite aspect is the style diary (which helps me become an internet celebrity by posting fabulous pics of my style.)
Swapstyle isn’t just for clothes, consider it for shoes, bags, and even makeup (new hopefully).
See you on the swap, and from here on out, I consider this the close-out of this 43 Things goal.


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