Internet Celebrity Status update

1 Jan

Nearly a year after setting this goal, I’d like to reevaluate becoming an internet celebrity. While I understand such a goal is difficult to measure, there are certainly things I can do to move towards stardom and fame. So, let’s evaluate. 
1) Myspace …. I’ve completely abandoned all 5 of my myspace pages. I can’t remember when I last signed in. I can’t even tell you how many friends I have. I’m too selective. Maybe I’ll go back to it. That’s doubtful with the emergence of Facebook.
2) Facebook….I’m all over it. Over 100 group memberships and close to 1000 friends in the DC area. I totally LOVE facebook
3) Twitter….I haven’t quite gotten the hold of it. I mean, truthfully, I find it hard enough telling the world what I’m up to. Sometimes it’s personal. But it works for some people. Maybe I’ll get into it. Will it help, or be one more thing that I can’t keep up with.
4) Speaking of which (the blog), things that are difficult to keep up with. The blog I set up last year has been through a few changes. And while I want to be an internet celebrity, I need to remember my other profession and what it would take for me to get on the radar of the powers that be. So while many of my other friends can be a little bit more liberal, I have to be a little bit more conservative about my posts. (Especially if I’m looking for a new position….let’s leave it at that).
So, basically, I’m establishing SterlingFlow as many places as possible on the internet. Something will pop, I’m sure. I’ve renamed the blog Hell in A Handbag. I feel like it fits.

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