Too Many Social Networks????

3 Mar
I was reading an article today that stated there are too many social networks. The reviews on this article where very mixed. And I used to agree with “its too much” until I saw the value in companies creating communities for their niche markets and leveraging their brands. I think social networks / web 2.0 are the next .com bubble. Do you think it’s the next thing or is it over done and over valued? And do you think it’s more valuable to leverage a brand? or try to have the next myspace/youtube?
I recently responded to the above posted question, posed by’s CEO, Sencera Bright on Linked
(SN = Social networks)
Yes the market will drive the need for all of the SNs, yes, those that are less valuable will die off. For example, why am I a member of Ryze? I don’t even remember what my log in is? The same with Friendster, once I discovered myspace, I left Friendster in the wind, and once I discovered Facebook, I left myspace in the wind (all 7 pages that I had).
But I’ve remained consistent with Linked In, because it’s different. (or is it?) Now, just like the others, you can know what I’m doing, right now. Thanks Twitter. I just really want something to truly turn these ‘relationships’ into results (TM), or jobs, for that matter.
I hope that they all will integrate smoothly, but what about when I don’t like what’s online? The question is, how do you maintain your reputation on these multiple SNs?
For more info on that, read this blog article:
Anyone that doesn’t have a new and innovative twist on SNs, some TRUE value, then I think it’s a waist of time, and that time has passed. Move on to creating the next big idea.
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