The 50th Annual Grammy Awards (part 2)

11 Feb

The Next Hour & A Half

Kanye gets the Center Stage and rocked it. I had to rewind it and look at it. Kanye is vain, arrogant, but talented, and a visionary. Of at least his own visons. I mean you NO DISRESPECT, Kayne. I’m just writing what my verbal vision on paper is. Kayne follows up with his tribute to his mother, but was it on the verge of a public suicide note? Or was it just Prince-deep individualism. Either way, I cried. But Kanye, after loosing Pimp C and Heath on some senseless nonsense, I wouldn’t want to loose your genius anytime soon. (Did that sound enough like a public apology? )

Fergie is a 3 time GRAMMY WINNER? I turned my head again, and asked, “Fergie is a 3 time Grammy winner?” Perhaps a new level of respect is due. The gown was gorgeous and John Legend was a nice accompanimant but didn’t add much. Fergie was wailing and I think I left the room.

But now Beyonce dazzles us once again as she shows us that she is a performer. Tina PUT IT DOWN. If only I could do what she has done for decades.

But should MS. TINA TURNER fell disrespected that Bey kinda jacked up her set? First the timing, you saw that snafu. So, Tina did an extra song because Bey probably couldn’t get changed fast enough. I am merely speculating. Tina was a professional. She did what she does and her backup carried it on like it was any other show.

But did Bey need to put MS. TINA TURNER on blast like that. I mean, Bey, we don’t need you to put the Tina Turner out like that. It may have been a dream to dance with Tina, but could she really compete with your shine. And you left her in the lame? Love you Tina.
The ladies performed and I was proud.

And I turn around and asked P.C. when the Grammy’s became a black show He answered, well it is Black History Month. African American performers then continued to carry the awards. Enter Gospel Choir and ensemble of Gospel contemporaries and greats, with The Iconic Aretha Franklin. The performance was riveting. Aretha led us in praise like only the Queen can.

Shout out to George Lopez and Kid Rock, not to leave out two others that I respect. ALTHOUGH I THOUGHT THE WHOLE KID ROCK set was pointless The show then drifted into the country montage and some country sanga. Our musicians dazzled us our whole night.

Wow Stevie Wonder!
And I was really digging Alicia Keys. Thank you sister for still bringing us real music. This is performance. I will always respect you as an artist for living up to your full potential. She was really doing her thang on that stage.
At this point I know I”m out of time with this editing…
Feist? heh? maybe I was distracted.

DRAMATIC MOMENT:KAYNE’S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH! He demands they turn down the music. They played up Amy Winehouse’s live performance, and I’m scared for what my my sis could or could not do.
10:17 pm: Best Country Album goes to Vince Gill for ‘These Days.’ “I just got an award given to me by a Beatle,” Gill said. “Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?”
(kayne used his closeup to laugh at do. Vince Gill apologized just like i did)

The Grammys truly set the stage for awards shows tonight. Artists really showed their talent in the show and in the commercials. Is everybody driving a Chevy Malibu? I saw that commercial at least 3 times back to back, even with the DVR featuring Mary J Blige and Loreal commercials with Beyonce. I started to feel on celebrity overload. They are interlaced into my every fiber.

The lifetime achievement award winners were awarded to Max Roche, jazz percussionist who I also learned passed away; Burt Baccarat, Aretha Franklin, and Itzhak Perlman were among those winners. Herbie Hankcock and perform Rhapsody in Blue with Lang Lang in an energetic performance featuring a full orchestra. Makes me want to buy that album.

What did you say Tony? You needed to put on glasses for that?
A glance in the audience lets me know that Tomeka is still working on that baby weight. But she and Usher are still up at the front. They’re in the Staples Center, this is BIG! She’s sitting on prime real estate.

I kept wondering how the Grammys were going to handle Amy. We get that she was so bad off that she couldn’t be trusted to get into the States. And that she has been in surveillance and carefully watched (my judgement is 48 hours) that they sent Cuba Gooding Jr over there to get her to behave. Amy with her Blake tattoed on her heart, took a minute to get into her groove, but really found it, and told us that yeah, this is what she is good for. Taking risk with the arrangement. But I hooped and hollered for her. She was genuine about her award, and couldn’t find the voice that today’s documentary on Amy Winehouse had talked about. But she was sly and seductive, and mocking. I was in a haze. She was in a haze.

Rihanna -you got away with pulling Jiggaman up on stage. That was bold. His reaction was cool, and handsoff. Really looking like the boss. (She’s had 3 albums?) She doesn’t look like she’s ready to leave the nest.

In Memoriam
Look at all the people we lost this year. The film features memorials to Pimp C, Dan Fogelberg, Porter Wagoner, Ike Turner, Oscar Peterson and Luciano Pavarotti. A vocal tribute to Pavoratti. Jerry Lee Louis performed. Not exactly the picture of Dennis Quaid in the movies. But God bless the man. Little Richard didn’t get the memo about the hair extentions; guess his assistant isn’t on the Crackberry email distribution list.

Why are the Grammy awards trying to push all these geriatrics on me. At the same time, pushing their new campaign The Next 50 years, the future is here. The grown up contest winner returns 8 years old later as a Grammy nominee. The academy is optomistic. I am not. Not optomistic when the most I know about a new artist, or an established artist, is their work from commercials. (i.e. Feist and another Target commercial victim.)

But our musicians worked tonight, and gave us hope? that we would have some media clips to download to our ipods and youtube accounts. Is this what Hollywood writers strike is all about?

Lastly, Herbie Hancock was awarded Album of the Year after the Academy didn’t want to spend anymore $ connecting to London, or award Kanye’s bad behavior. A few daring artists tonight attempted to keep him in his place. Herbie had given it all to us on the piano earlier in the night.

Other Grammy Highlights we didn’t see on TV:

Best Urban/Alternative Performance :Daydreamin’ [Lupe Fiasco Featuring Jill Scott] Track from: Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor

Best R&B Song: No One [Dirty Harry, Kerry Brothers & Alicia Keys, songwriters] (Alicia Keys)

Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance: In My Songs, Gerald Levert

In further summary, other big winners – Burt Springstein, Foo Fighters for Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace; Raheem DeVaughn lost to Prince in the Best Male R&B Vocal Performance category. Prince won for “Future Baby Mama” over Raheem’s Woman. My boy was robbed.


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