YOU WANT IT, WHY? Write it all down

25 Jan

This book is changing my life. It makes everything more deliberate. If you want something, truly write it down, write down your reason for wanting it. Trust me, it will be like a brain dump, pulling the extra things out of your head and onto the paper. You will be more free to focus on the things that move your dream forward. I loved this book so much, I turned it into a journal. I am writing down how I want to change my life, and what else I would like to do in my life to be a better person.

The stories were a tad bit sappy, but heartwarming. The most helpful portions of the book were the exercises at the end of each chapter. Be deliberate. Complete the exercises. Reread the book, follow up on the dates and goals that you set for yourself. Write it down, and be prepared to ACT, and watch things come to you.

Good luck.


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